Every vehicle owner must get Insurance for the two-wheeler and four-wheeler to ply on India's roads.
As mandated by Motor Vehicle Act 1988, any vehicle plying on Indian roads needs to have motor insurance, whether it is a private or a commercial vehicle. Motor vehicles are classified into three categories, and hence explicitly designed Insurance is tailored for them.

Categories of Motor vehicle.

  • Two-Wheeler
  • Private Car.
  • Commercial Vehicle.

  • Motor Insurance falls under two sections.

    Section A: Motor Own damage

    Own damage section in a Motor Insurance provides financial protection to your motor vehicle against any damages caused due to accidents, natural disasters, theft, or any serious incidents. Any Extensions or add-on's fall apart of Section A.

    Scope Of coverage
    Section A of motor insurance covers damages arising out of the following perils.
    • By fire explosion self-ignition or lightning.
    • By burglary, housebreaking or theft.
    • By riot and strike.
    • By earthquake
    • By flood, typhoon, hurricane storm and cyclone.
    • By malicious act.
    • By terrorist activity.
    • By landslide / rockslide.
    • Whilst in transit by road rail, inland waterway lift elevator or air.

    Section B: Motor Third party

    Section B covers the mandatory third-party liability insurance covering legal liability arising from any death or injury or damage to a third party's property. Third-Party Insurance for a motor vehicle is a mandatory insurance requirement as per the Indian motor vehicle act 1988.

    Scope Of coverage
    Section A of motor insurance covers damages arising out of the following perils.
    • This policy insures the liability of the owner of the vehicle against the third-party
    • There is mandatory Personal Accident Insurance cover for 15 lakhs cover for Owner cum driver, which is also a part of the Insurance of two-wheeler and private car.
    • For commercial and miscellaneous vehicle, PA cover has opted for paid driver and cleaner if required.

    Abhivridhi Tip:

    Always check The IDV of the two-wheeler before Insurance. Spare parts of certain cars are costly; make sure you rightly choose the Add-ons for your private car Insurance. Commercial vehicle claims are subject to depreciation; make sure IMT extensions are availed to minimise liability at the time of claim.

    Buy/renew your motor insurance from team Abhivridhi Insurance Brokers and make sure not to drive without valid Insurance on Indian roads.