(Dwellings and Contents)

Residential Dwellings are prone to the risks of floods, earthquakes, or burglaries. The contents of high-value domestic and electronic appliances and expensive furniture have also exposed the risks.

Residential Dwellings are prone to the risks of floods, earthquakes, or burglaries. The contents like high-value domestic appliances and high-end electronic appliances are also exposed to similar perils. Home Insurance can cover losses to your home's structure and contents from any natural or human-made calamity. The risks insured in Home insurance are fire, earthquakes, storms, cyclones, tempests, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods or inundation, lightning strike, explosion, landslides, impact by vehicles or aircraft, and bursting or overflowing of water tanks and pipes.

Burglary cover: Loss due to burglary or an attempted robbery of valuables such as jewellers and silverware can also be covered.

Benefits of having Home Insurance.

Cost of premium

The cost of the insurance premium compared with the value and price of the structure and contents, household, and electronic appliances, will be surprisingly a meagre sum.

Insurance coverage

Home insurance covers almost all kinds of catastrophic risks, from damages arising from terrorist attacks to water tanks' breakdowns. The choice is yours - if you think your home is not going to be damaged by a terrorist attack, you do not need to cover it. In case you are living in a rented house, you can choose to insure only the contents.

Abhivridhi Tip

A comprehensive long term Home Insurance product that protects your home with a minimum policy period starting from is three years to a maximum duration of 30 years.

As part of home insurance, our team understands your property's nature and helps you with a plethora of options available with various insurance companies.
We customize the policy as per your requirements and help you with a tailor-made insurance solution for safety of your house.