Property Insurance

Owning a home or office gets you one step closer to living the dream.  And of course, you want to protect the home, office or property you’ve worked so hard for. However, even the best forms of prevention will sometimes fail and damage sets in. Investing in property insurance is a wise move. Here’s an overview on the types of insurance to consider.

Office Insurance

Are you successfully running a business? Surely, you must be very proud of what you have created which is the result of your efforts. However, what if any misfortune happens tomorrow, your financial dreams could be shattered. Fret not! With office insurance policy, you can secure your office premises. It is an important property insurance policy which offers complete coverage to your office.

  • Protection from a wide set of perils like flood, lightning, riots, strikes, cyclone, storm, etc
  • Secure the content against burglary, fire, etc.
  • Offer personal accident cover for the owner

Construction Insurance

As a contractor, it is necessary for you to honour the deadline. However, a construction site is susceptible to various losses and damages, like, theft, damage, etc. To get coverage against such losses, it is inevitable to buy a construction all risk insurance policy which is specifically designed to cover various civil engineering projects like buildings, flyovers, airports, sewage treatment plants, etc.

  • Fire and lightning
  • Collapse, collision
  • Theft & burglary
  • Water damage, storm, flood
  • Landslide, Rockslide

Engineering Insurance

Projects like storage of equipments, expanding or moving a facility, etc. will leave your company open to significant risks. It makes sense to go with an engineering all risk insurance policy which will offer protection against various kinds of risks.

An Engineering all risk insurance policy offers the following coverage’s –

  • Covers all types of risks associated with storage, assembly and testing of plant and machinery

Factory & Warehouse Insurance

Any unforeseen event can disrupt the smooth functioning of the factory and warehouse. If such is the case, it makes complete sense to go with a factory and warehouse insurance, which is an important add-on for an industrial set-up like which is involved in the business activities like manufacturing, storage of goods, etc.

A factory and warehouse insurance policy offers the following coverage’s –

  • Covers unoccupied or vacant warehouse from accidental damages
  • Offers comprehensive cover that comprises of content insurance, money insurance, stock insurance, public liability insurance, etc.